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Who are we? / Mission statements

The non-profit association (npa) Louise-Marie/Aflam was founded in 2008 by the npa Centrum Louise-Marie and the foundation Nicolas Cusanus, which have been supporting projects for children and youth in need of help for quite some time - mostly in Belgium.

To be able to help youth in the developing countries, they decided to start a separate association. The mission statement of this new association is to support in Africa and Latin-America:

  1. a limited number of projects financially
  2. also help these projects with advice and networking (in order to fully perform their role of partner and "reference" sponsor.

The financial means for this support are mainly provided by its founding members and gifts. The control and advice for the projects are exclusively provided by volunteers.

Projects / Criteria

Aflam's mission is not only to support the projects financially, but also to guide them substantively. For the selection of the projects the following criteria are being used:

  1. Activities
    • Long-term and durable projects (no one-shot deals)
    • No small piecemeal projects, but a limited number of projects where Aflam can fully play its role of "reference sponsor"
  2. Organisation
    • Active cooperation with local managers and with their counterparts in Belgium
    • Projects need to have a local counselor/manager with a structured organisation
    • Networking and synergy between Aflam and similar organisations in Europe and in the developing countries
  3. Empowerment and embedding
    • The project must always be initiated by the local people and they have to show their commitment to the idea - also materially (e.g. providing land, sand, physical labor and maintenance for building a new school)
    • Make sure that the project is fully embedded in the local society
  4. Strict financial and operational control (e.g. follow-up by in-country visits)


Board of Directors:

General Assembly of shareholders:

Partners and Projects

At this moment Aflm is active in four countries.

In each of these countries it supports partners who strictly abide to the "Aflam criteria". This means first and foremost sustainability and trust.